Cyclops | Observatory                   |  MPC code: B84


Horizontal Camera Battery consists of two dslr camera's with 15mm optics aimed at 35 degrees NE and SE.
Purpose of this setup is to support the more east located All-Sky stations of the European Fireball Network.

20080815~2130UTHoBatt1_web1.jpg 20080830_0002UTAurigid_web.jpg 20080830_2126UTHoBatt1.jpg 20080919_2112UT_Hobatt1_web.jpg 20080925_2343UTHobatt1web1.JPG 20080927_1953UT_Hobatt1_web.jpg 20081020_0154UT_Hobatt2.jpg 20081021_2152UT_Hobatt1_web.jpg 200810222017UT_Hobatt1_web.jpg 200810230152UT_hobatt1_web.jpg 200810250256UT_Hobatt2_web.jpg