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Dear visitor, welcome to the Cyclops Observatory homepage. Cyclops is a privately funded Observatory located next to a small village near the North Sea coast of the Netherlands and was founded in 1970. In the early years, using different kind of equipment deep-sky objects and comets were observed and photographed.
In the year 1979, the main focus shifted towards observing meteors. Several observers participated in the observations. Bright meteors are captured with an automated all-sky fireball camera. This camera system has evolved considerably over the years and operates every clear night.
Cyclops takes part in multi-station video and photographic projects,often in collaboration with the Dutch Meteor Society. We participate in several meteor campaigns around the world.
Cyclops pioneered meteor video observations in the Netherlands, starting in 1987. In that year, we captured our first long duration persistent train of a bright Leonid. The video cameras used are typically equipped with an F/1.2-85 mm photographic objective, a camcorder and military image intensifying electronics. Such a camera records stars up to magnitude +8,5 and meteors up to magnitude +7,5 in a 40 degrees field of view.
Results of our observations are published in several astronomical magazines. Some publications can be found here.

In the year 2008 Cyclops Observatory started doing observations on asteroids and comets with the 12 inch f 3.8 ASA Astrograph. Some NEA observations can be found here

Recently we started the "Astronomy!Project Oostkapelle".
This project will increase the astronomical activities, its content will be communicated when we are ready.

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